Private Investment
Banker "Boot Camp"

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Private Investment
Banking "Boot Camp"
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Private Investment Banking ENCYCLOPEDIA

Each person attending Kensington Partner's "Boot Camp" will receive a personalized copy of the Private Investment Banking ENCYCLOPEDIA. Below is the Table of Contents:

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: How Do I Develop Seller Prospects?

Chapter 2: How do I Convert Seller Prospects into Inventory?

Chapter 3: Valuation of Companies: The "Simple" Mathematics

Chapter 4: Valuation of Companies:   Structuring Transactions

Chapter 5: Interpersonal Aspects of the ""Authorizing" Process

Chapter 6: Written Aspects of the "Authorizing" Process

Chapter 7: Identifying Buyers and Collecting Information on Listed Companies for taking Companies to Market

Chapter 8: Contacting Buyers for Listed Companies

Chapter 9: Preparing and Executing Campaigns for Marketing Listed Companies

Chapter 10: Turning Buyer Prospects into Company Buyers

Chapter 11: Managing Negotiations and Closing Transactions

Chapter 12: Managing the Confidentiality Challenge

Chapter 13: Building Ancillary Private Investment Banking Lines of Business

Chapter 14: Managing a Private Investment Banking Practice

Chapter 15: Managing Legal Matters

Chapter 16: Code of Ethical Principles and Standards of Professional Practice

Appendix: When appropriate each chapter will have sample documents, added commentary and analysis to provide the reader an encyclopedic understanding of the Private Investment Banking profession.

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Private Investment Banker "Boot Camp" ENCYCLOPEDIA