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Private Investment
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John D. Emery is the Managing Director of Hyde Park Group. He has been a Private Investment Banker since 1981 and has over twenty-five years of experience providing private investment banking services to privately held middle-market companies.

John Emery received his MBA from the Harvard Business School (1973) and BA from Taylor University (1969). He has taught in the business school and graduate school of Latin American studies of a leading state university. He has taught in the areas of business strategy and policy, sales and marketing, ethics and organizational environment, entrepreneurship and new venture strategies. He was also responsible for introducing "Entrepreneurship" into the curriculum for MBA students. In addition, he has served as an elected school board member for one of the top twenty-five school boards. He was named an "Eli Broad Fellow" in recognition of his efforts.

John Emery has dedicated his career to growing and prospering businesses. He adapts tried and trued management techniques of “big business” to the needs of small to medium-sized companies. Mr. Emery has sold over $1,500,000,000 in middle-market transactions, in addition to launching start-up enterprises and building large private investment banking organizations.

John Emery provides an independent, objective perspective. Having a wide range of experience in different industries, he brings new approaches to old problems. Mr Emery has served on a number of boards of directors and brings his unique brand of academic acumen with years of hands-on business experience and insight to each client’s unique situation.

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John D. Emery
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Transactions negotiated by Private Investment Bankers must be bold, innovative and designed to weather the test of time.