Private Investment
Banker "Boot Camp"

Private Investment

Private Investment
Banking "Boot Camp"
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Association of Private
Investment Bankers


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The Association of Private Investment Bankers brings together individual Private Investment Bankers and a variety of professionals to work as a team on a project-by-project basis.

In addition, the Association will build multiple vehicles whereby Members are able to interact with each other, create a Member's only "exchange" for sharing projects and listings, and maintain a Code of Ethics that will govern the interactions among its Members.

In the past, Private Investment Banking services have been delivered by professionals working in niche areas of specialization.  

Each of these services taps the same underlying analytic and interpersonal skill sets, and the artificial lines separating them are blurring. Professionals are beginning to offer a cross section of services under the banner of "Private Investment Banker."

A private investment banker's most important ability is to manage relationships with clients over the long term. As a client's needs change, private investment bankers must quickly adapt in order to address the client's shifting needs. Often this requires investment bankers to form teams of professionals to solve their client's "life-cycle" business and personal challenges.  

Once the client's problem has been solved, the team is dissolved, and the "relationship manager" will continue managing the relationship with the client until the next opportunity arises to provide private investment banking services.

Membership in the Association of Private Investment Bankers provides Members with the following services:

The Executive Director of the Association of Private Investment Bankers, John D. Emery, has been the president of a state association of private investment bankers, the National Association of Broadcast Brokers, and two other Intermediary associations.

Transactions negotiated by Private Investment Bankers must be bold, innovative and designed to weather the test of time.