Private Investment
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Private Investment
Banking "Boot Camp"
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Kensington Partners provides Private Investment Banking training and consulting. Kensington teaches practitioners how to launch private investment banking companies, provides fee-for-service infrastructure and support services, and consults established private investment banking companies.  

Private Investment Bankers provide privately-held companies with the same services that Wall Street investment bankers provide to publicly held companies.  

The following transactional services are provided by Private Investment Bankers:

Each of these services is designed to build the enterprise value of a Private Investment Banker's clients and to develop self-sustaining strategies.

The initial two-day Boot Camp Seminar will provide a competent professional with all of the information needed to successfully launch a Private Investment Banking practice, with a focus on mergers and acquisitions.

Kensington's strategic marketing, ongoing consulting, and infrastructure services are designed to support both experienced and newly trained practitioners.  

In particular, Private Investment Bankers can outsource the painstaking work of preparing Confidential Descriptive Reports ("CDRs" or "Books"), sales and marketing programs for listed companies, valuations for listing purposes, and pitch books to Kensington Partners on a fee-for-services basis.

For those who wish, it is possible to "subscribe" to Kensington's on-going consulting services on how to build a self-sustaining practice and address problems that arise in the process of negotiation transactions.   The purpose of these services is to assist Private Investment Banking companies generate handsome success fees and to build companies that can be sold in the longer term.  

Kensington Partner's Managing Member, John D. Emery, has trained dozens of Private Investment Bankers on how to engage in the middle market mergers and acquisitions business; many of these trainees have gone on to generate a- million-dollars-per-year in success fees.

Transactions negotiated by Private Investment Bankers must be bold, innovative and designed to weather the test of time.